If you need something more tailored please choose the last option & we'll send you an invoice.


If you need something more tailored please choose the last option & we'll send you an invoice.

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Warning for Clients

Reinstatement is like picking a lock and we'll be working on your case until your account has been reinstated. We will create real wholesale accounts that provide our clients authorization to sell for brands in cases of DS policy. We need this information prior to working on any case.

Providing this information before working on your account will save us a lot of time and expedite the process of our company

Reinstatement can take up to "several months". Once we have all the information we need we will work on your case as they are in quo. Please send us updates on Amazon's response on your case and do not freak out if we do not get our account back on our first attempt.

We understand where you're coming from because we are also sellers ourselves. Our company will do whatever it takes for you to get your account back & if in cases Amazon locks up your funds and runs away, we will get your money back & get you back selling.

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All scheduled booking, is discussed in SKYPE on your case. Appointments are booked but we work on cases in QUE. Please message me on Skype regarding your case, we will discuss on getting your account back via reinstatement, education on preventing your case or similar cases.
My Skype is live:noblearistocrat
[email protected] Skype: live:noblearistocrat


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Moderate Suspension
4 Services
Inauthentic Complaints Up to 3 ASINS (Products) $1500
Listing Doesn't Match Detail Page $1200
Selling Prohibited Product $1200
Used Item Sold as New $1200
Difficult Suspension
6 Services
Inauthentic Complaints More than 3 ASINS (Products) $2000
IP Complaints Right Owner Notice of Infringement $2500
Opening New Account After Being Suspended $2500
Selling Prohibited Products $2000
Expired Items $2000
Counterfeits $3000
Custom Suspension Cases
2 Services
Multiple Accounts Reinstatement
Unique Case


Total Price