Got Suspended? is comprised of seasoned veterans who manage over 78 stores. For this partnership we've recruited some of the best in e-commerce management, appeals writers, marketing specialist who consistently ranks products to best seller, lawyers and auditors to be utilized at an affordable cost.

If you're struggling on getting your seller's account back, growing your business we have several services that we can provide you through our private consultation. You can use our resources to continue to protect your company, and help build your brand(s).

Professional Sellers rely on GOT SUSPENDED? for Amazon Suspensions & Appeals and other Legal Resources


After letting Jerome Basilio from Got Suspended? take over my case he was able to reinstate my account after one phone call. I've been suspended 8 times and in 6 years of selling on Amazon I've never seen anyone bypassed through all the politics on seller performance.

Justin BalkAmazon, Shopify Consultant

After the account being suspended, deactivated, legendary back and forth with seller performance I was able to reinstate my account with all of Jerome Basilio's Ninja Tricks. Thanks so much for your help brother.

Frank The White

Jerome Basilio is the best when it comes to reinstatements, and he provides a lot of seller tactics to help you prevent a lot of situations you will encounter.

Martin Awortwi

Got Suspended? is my go to reinstatement service, I've been suspended two times and everytime they've gotten my accounts back. Solid company and thanks for everything you do.

Ernest Brunet

After a few months working with Jerome on my case he was finally able to reinstate my account. I nearly filed for bankruptcy due to having so much funds on hold. Thank you very much for your help.


If you are looking for the top dog Jerome is your guy. He's extremely well versed in multiple aspects. Everytime I have a call with him I'm completely mind blown by some of his methods. He's also helped me get my account reinstated in eBay and Amazon.

Don Landers

Thank you very much I'm happy. The store has been reactivated and I can't thank you all enough for your work. I truly appreciate it.

Colton Parnish

Holy shit! You guys are amazing. I just woke up to 16 notifications of sold items from my suspended account. They both got activated 5 hours ago. Thank you guys os much! I wish I knew about you guys and Jerome 7 months ago.

Jaime Bejar

Hello I just got the email saying my account has been reinstated!!! Is it finally over?! Did you do anything since Friday? Why is it such a big change? I got deactivation notice on Friday, and got another one on Saturday then on Sunday reinstated. It is like a roller coaster. Thank you very much for all the work you have done! I am really glad it is over and reinstated.


Thank you brother, truly appreciate it. You guys are doing great work and we are very appreciative. One store at a time and we are getting there.

EarleNXT Level Investment

Just got off a 1 on 1 with Jerome Basilio and we spent maybe 4 or 5 hours on my business. He helped me 10x myself within that time span and now my business is going to grow exponentially. He really is the real deal and I think it just to show how dedicated he is to your success if you work with him. He's one of the very few, down to earth mentors left in this industry. Get in while you can. It's been worth it.

Matthew Smith

Extremely thankful to have you as my mentor. You've helped me so much this year. I don't know what I can do to repay you. If there's anything I can do & I mean anything just let me know and I'll be there.


I appreciate the guidance, in you teaching me to put this shit together. You've taught me a ton!

Ryan Augustine

There's no one more thankful in this world than me. For real and you heard me say it on the last call too. I wasn't saying anything fake it was just the truth. Like my situation is completely unique unlike NO OTHER and the only person that literally had the ability to even help was YOU. There was nobody else Not that with your skills Or analytics Or Anything.

Matt GambrellOwner of Appeal Assassins

Jerome's Ecommerce knowledge is unmatched in the industry GUARANTEED. Those are some of my strengths but yours is BRUTE RAW SKILLS, INTELLIGENCE, Genius Ideas and the ability to grow out of nowhere.


Jerome Basilio's the Messiah for ecommerce. He's a pleasure to learn from, he's our go to for reinstatement and anything related to selling on Amazon.

Agenes Rogers

Jerome is the boss when it comes to suspensions and just a boss in general. Set up a call with Jerome when you have some time you will definitely learn a ton.

Anoosh Kashefi

Jerome, I just want you to know everything we're going through right now. Everything I get to experience. I love it all so much. I sometimes reflect and can't even believe that I met such extraordinary people. It is such a blessing and I want you to know that I am grateful to be here. I want you to know I'm not taking anything for granted and no mater what I cherish everything we've done. Thank you for reading this. Love you bro.

Evan Lo

Jerome Basilio is a terrifyingly smart and from one conversation I've taken a lot of his tactics and began applying it to my business. This guy is the genius of Ecommerce and if you are looking for help in anything reinstatement related or selling in general he's definitely knows his shit.

Josh Palumbo

Out of all the people I've come across in this space over the years you're the only one with original shit. It's actually nice to see at least one other person in this space who has some originality.

Jason OneilEcom Solutions Owner

Just spent more than an hour and a half talking to THE guy in wholesale, e-commerce, hands down Jerome has been in the game for 15 years. He has built and mentored numorous 7-8 figure e-commerce business owners. Look him up Big Things are coming. Watch.

Aidaliz Maldonado



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