Was founded to protect sellers from account suspension and legal problems common in the online marketplace. Compared to other e-commerce reinstatement and value providers, GOT SUSPENDED?  We offer all other services provided online with more qualified workers to ensure that our clients have the best experience. Our combined seller and legal teams afford us the privilege to offer clients both defensive and offensive business services; consultative services to prevent account issues and legal/appeal services to solve active issues.

777 Brickell Avenue Suite 500
Miami, FL 33131
++ 1(949) 806-5392


Chief Financial Officer

Emanuel Khachaturov

Emmanuel has worked in accounting, finance, and auditing for international companies such as Deloitte, Amgen, Penske Automotive Group, and Kerwood Capital Partners. He currently works with Khachaturov Group, Got Suspended?, & Oceanic Zoo where he hopes he can utilize business as a vessel to enact positive change in international marketplaces. He serves both Khachaturov Group and Got Suspended? by integrating business strategies refined with perspective from his extensive career.

Chief Executive Officer

Jerome Basilio

Jerome is the passionate owner of Got Suspended?. Over a decade of entrepreneurial experience gained working across various fields in the online marketplace has made him one of the top e-commerce experts of today. After mentoring students to millionaire status, Jerome is now aiming to take over the market using his exclusively unique selling strategies.