Did you get shut down on Amazon by Seller Performance?
Is your Plan of Action being ignored by Amazon and Seller Performance?
Are you still left with an Amazon seller account suspension?
Don’t worry! Our team can help reinstate your suspended Amazon seller account!

We know how you feel. It's a terrible experience, especially if your funds are being held.
Sometimes Amazon suspends accounts before even a single sale is made.
Getting shut down on Amazon's platform can ruin a business fairly easily if it's not properly handled.

Many Amazon sellers try sending in a plan of action or two, but Amazon ends up rejecting every appeal, and eventually they come to us with a single message, followed by a simple question:



You’re probably one of these sellers!

Selling on Amazon is a pretty tricky process and Amazon suspensions are very, very common. We see a lot of frustrated sellers who’ve had their Amazon account suspended. One wrong move, and Seller Performance will have your Amazon selling account suspended, with your selling privileges removed.

After that, there’s just one way forward for any Amazon seller:

Writing a fool-proof Plan of Action and getting your Amazon account reinstated! Before doing that, you need to figure out why you were suspended from Amazon, and unfortunately, most Amazon sellers don’t, which is why we hear another common question from sellers we work with:



Amazon account suspensions can hit any Amazon seller. We’ve seen many sellers get their account suspended on Amazon over a ton of issues, from:

  • Order Defect Rate
  • Late Shipment
  • Linked Account
  • Inauthentic Suspension
  • Listing And Detail Discrepancies
  • Item Condition Complaints
  • Verification
  • Selling Prohibited Products
  • Expired Items
  • Counterfeit
  • Dropshipping Policy
  • Seller Code of Conduct
  • Funds Release
  • Unique Case

To pretty much everything in between!

Our experience shows that many suspended sellers don’t really know why they ended up with an Amazon suspended account when they got the email from Amazon Seller Performance team. Not knowing why you’ve been shut down, and not knowing how to tackle your Amazon suspension is a pain in the butt. Trust us, we’ve been there! That’s why we started Got Suspended?…to help any Amazon seller with their Amazon suspension!

Once you know the why of suspension, you know the how of reinstatement!

Our Amazon suspension professionals will assess your Amazon account, then come up with a Plan of Action that Amazon can’t ignore, and you’ll have your account reinstated! When we write, Amazon Seller Performance reads! We’ll even contact Amazon Seller Performance to get updates on your suspension!

No more suspension on Amazon!

Amazon is a complicated marketplace, and it’s basically impossible to avoid having your Amazon seller account suspended. Sometimes it’s verification checks, sometimes its customers complaining, your order defect rate goes up, you make a mistake here and there, a third party decides to compete against you. Pretty much anything can lead to an Amazon account suspension for all Amazon sellers. Doesn’t matter if they’re new sellers on Amazon, or they’re veteran sellers. Anyone can be left with an Amazon suspended seller account.

How long does Amazon suspend my account for?

That depends. Some sellers can be shut down for weeks over simple issues, while other sellers will have to fight for months to have their Amazon seller suspension retracted. Our team has a great track record of handing all types of Amazon suspensions, because we’ve seen pretty much every type of suspension and we can help get your account reinstated in the shortest time-frame possible.

We know how Amazon sellers feel, and we know the language that Amazon speaks. What that means is that we know all the know-hows of Amazon's policies and know why Amazon suspensions happen, and how these suspensions work.

Why Do I Need A Third Party Reinstatement Service?

At this point, you’re wondering if you can reinstate your suspended Amazon account yourself by writing your own Plan of Action. Of course, you can! You can click here to get tips on how to tackle your Amazon suspension. But we advise going for a third party Amazon suspension reinstatement service like us, because we know how to get Amazon to notice your account and remove your suspension!

By choosing to work with Got Suspended’s professional Amazon reinstatement team, what you’ll get is will get:party Amazon suspension reinstatement service like us, because we know how to get Amazon to notice your account and remove your suspension!

  • Detailed assessments of your Amazon account
  • Figuring out the root cause of your suspension
  • Tailored appeals for your suspended Amazon account

That’s right!

No more cheap, template appeals!
No more cookie-cutter letters to Amazon!

We will appeal your case until you’re reinstated, or help you find another way back on the marketplace! Templates don’t get anything done. Even worse, they can add insult to injury if they lack the information that Amazon needs. We get key information by assessing your account, and when that’s done, the information is passed to our writers who create unique appeals for your case, with actual information that Amazon needs for your specific case.

We’re not one to brag, but we’re sure Amazon will notice our appeals!





You see, we're not your average reinstatement service. We go way deep into your account, and we pick apart the many layers to find specific details which a regular eye probably can't catch. That's because we've been in the game for a long time, and we know how Amazon operates. There's new rabbit holes being dug by the constant changes we see every day on the platform, and if we can't keep up, no one can! Luckily, we're fast and we catch updates while they're still hot in the oven.

Leave It to Our Professional Amazon Reinstatement Services

If you’re an Amazon seller suspended over any issue, you’ve come to the right place!

If you were suspended on Amazon for any reason, whether order defect rate, linked accounts, inauthentic product sales, verification issues, mismanaging inventory, negative feedback…pretty much any reason, we’re your go-to service!



Our bag of tricks isn’t just limited to industry professionals and competent writers. We’ve got lawyers who’ll deal with the legal side of things, and we’ve got supplier acquisition teams who’ll help out with sourcing credible suppliers for your business. We’ve got you covered on pretty much everything! And these are services that are exclusive to your case. Every case has different needs, and we design the reinstatement process uniquely for each case.

Still not convinced? Check out our clients’ testimonials after we successfully reinstated their accounts! They thought their selling career was over…then they came to us. Then, well, magic!

All you need to do for starting the process is shooting us a message via our website, www.gotsuspendedclients.com or book a call with us to discuss your case and how we can move forward with your reinstatement.

If you have any other questions, our live chat support is always there to help you out with them. Just drop them a message and they’ll get back to you in the blink of an eye. We’ll be keeping you updated on the process of your case all the way, because we value transparency and want to make sure that our clients are fully aware of what’s going on with their cases. We also expect you to do your part in helping us with your case.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

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Professional Sellers rely on GOT SUSPENDED? for Amazon Suspensions & Appeals and other Legal Resources



Our moderate services are for account suspensions/issues due to:

  • Inauthenticity Claims (up to 3 ASINs)
  • Listing and Detail Page Discrepancies
  • Sale of Prohibited Product
  • Item Condition Complaints 
  • Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  • Account Verification


Our difficult services include all moderate services and are additionally for account suspensions/issues due to:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Complaints (Notices of Infringement)
  • Multiple/Linked Accounts
  • Selling Expired Items
  • Counterfeit Items
  • Dropshipping Issues
  • Fair Pricing Issues
  • Code of Conduct Violations


Our professional services include all moderate and difficult services as well as problems regarding account suspensions/issues due to:

  • Employee Management Optimization
  • Locked/Withheld Funds
  • Unique Cases
  • Licensed Audits 
  • Ungating