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Amazon Velocity Limit Suspension

There is no doubt that nowadays Amazon is the most valuable and reputable e-commerce platform. At the same time, it has lots of weird features that may lead its sellers to confusion. First of all, you have to understand that Amazon is quite a changeable marketplace that sets the rules for more than 10 million sellers. And if you want to build a successful business on this platform, you have to fully abide by Amazon’s rules and regulations.   Today,…
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In Search of The Truth: When Normal Products Turn into Expired!

Together with you and our Amazon specialists, we’re trying to find all the basic problems that Amazon sellers face, and why they happen. As a result of our investigations, we found numerous problems, and we are not going to stop! Today, we will be talking about Amazon’s system of sorting your products, and organizing them. What sellers hate the most about it, and why it happens all the time! If you’re excited, keep reading, you will learn lots of new…
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In Search of The Truth: When FBA Sellers Don’t Receive Their Refunds…

As we all know, one of the biggest online platforms in the world has a very practical and accessible service for its sellers – FBA. In case you’re a new seller and don’t understand what we’re talking about, let us explain what FBA is in a few words. When you’re sick and tired of managing your orders, you can work with Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service, and leave that responsibility to Amazon itself. Amazon prepares, packs and ships your…
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In Search of The Truth: When Sellers’ Information is Transparent…

Before the actual problem, let us remind you that In Search of The Truth is a series of blogs where you can find all the common problems Amazon sellers are facing, and how they overcome those difficulties. What’s so original about these articles? They are based on true stories from Amazon seller forums, and can be related to practically any person who is selling on Amazon! Now let’s get down to business, and understand which problem we found today! As…
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Why Amazon Doesn’t Accept Receipts

Sellers who choose Amazon as the platform where they will showcase their products, know that it’s extremely hard to sell there. This is not only about the overwhelming tasks and duties; it’s also about being able to deal with Amazon and its suspensions. As you may know, Amazon suspends its sellers and wants them to verify their information as soon as it is possible. This process is also called as the appealing phase, when you have to collect information, verify…
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Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Amazon Seller Account

It’s a rule of thumb that eCommerce sellers always want to try themselves on Amazon, because the most experienced ones know that selling on this platform is a real challenge! This is a challenge in every sense - there’s harsh competition, dishonest sellers, fault-finding customers and what’s more, suspensions that ruin sellers’ nerves and careers.   Mistakes happen all the time, but they can be easily circumvented if you have the right approach and appropriate knowledge. So, if you’re ready…
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The Dangers of Selling Unauthorized Brands on Amazon

Amazon is a merciless world where sellers are ready to rip and throw in order to attract the attention of more customers. However, during this process, sellers make crucial mistakes that may become reasons for different issues such as Amazon suspensions. One of the most common problems that you can face when you are selling on Amazon is selling unauthorized brands’ products through your seller account. That’s because it may become a reason for both an inauthentic and an Intellectual…
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Amazon Suspension for Late ShipmentInsight

Amazon Account Suspended For Late Shipment

In terms of suspensions, sellers of Amazon are divided into two groups: the ones who did something and are now paying the price, and those who did nothing and are still paying it! Amazon suspension happens quite often, and let’s be honest, getting suspended on Amazon is a complete disaster when you did nothing wrong! This happens quite a lot, actually! For example, you can operate your business and think that everything is completely fine, and suddenly get suspended! This…
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Inauthentic Account Suspensions on Amazon: Ways to Avoid Them, Ways to Deal with Them

At this time, every Amazon seller knows that one of the most common types of Amazon suspensions is an inauthentic one. That’s because there are lots of reasons which may trigger an inauthentic suspension within your operation on Amazon. Today, the Got Suspended Clients team is going to tell you everything concerning Inauthentic suspensions, and the main ways through which you can reactivate Amazon seller account privileges from this suspension. Fasten your seatbelts, since we are going to have a…
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Pre-Fulfillment Cancelation Rate SuspensionInsight

Amazon Pre-Fulfillment Cancelation Rate Suspension

When one is jumping into Amazon, they can face lots of rules and regulations that they have to abide by during their operation on this platform. Amazon is the one that sets the rules and if you want to stay on this platform, you have to meet all of them. Pre-fulfillment Cancelation Rate is a type of  Amazon suspension which is considered to be one of the most common ones. Due to the lack of experience, sellers cancel customers’ orders,…
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