Why Getting Suspended On Amazon During COVID Is Worse?

Did you just find your Amazon account suspended during the pandemic? Then it’s time to act! But first of all, we don’t want you to become as pale as a ghost, don’t panic! Amazon suspensions are, of course, dangerous and hard to appeal, but you know what? People who know the rules are able to overcome this uphill battle, and we at Got Suspended Clients will contribute to this! So, read this article carefully and make sure you take notes:…
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Amazon Suspension: Rights Owner Complaints

Welcome to Got Suspended Clients, your favorite Amazon suspension service that knows everything about Amazon and suspensions! Today, we will be talking about Intellectual Property rights and how violating them can cause a suspension. Before the suspension part, let’s together discuss Intellectual Property rights and what Amazon thinks about them! If you’re following us and are always up to date with the insights we publish, then you surely know that there are three main types of intellectual property rights. These…
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How Long Does Appealing on Amazon Take and What Happens When You Don’t?

Oh, that stressful moment when you get an Amazon suspension email! Before Amazon sellers actually open the email they received, they are like cats on hot bricks, a bundle of nerves that’s waiting for something bad to happen! Why? Because email is the main way to communicate with sellers and tell them that they have lost their selling privileges! If you’re a novice seller, you probably know that there’s such a thing as an Amazon suspension. Unfortunately, newcomers don’t realize…
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Things You Should Never Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Is Suspended!

As an Amazon seller, you will agree that Amazon does not create a big barrier to enter its market; however, for most sellers, it is too hard not to get their Amazon account suspended.. The main reason is that Amazon becomes extremely demanding when it comes to selling on its platform. Therefore, there are several important key details that every seller must keep in mind in order to run a safe business on Amazon. But, if there is one thing…
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Amazon Suspended You? It’s Time to Reactive Amazon Seller Account Privileges!

New FBA sellers always wonder when they find out "Reactivate Amazon seller account privileges" is a widely searched sentence by FBA sellers.  There’s always a significant other who is extremely crazy, is jealous of you when talking to others, and what’s more, is too protective. Right? Well, Amazon is that crazy friend you should worry about! Amazon can’t stand it when you work with other companies such as Walmart, when you contact its customers for no reason, when you hurt…
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Can You Have Amazon Multiple Seller Accounts?

Selling on Amazon is fascinating, especially when you start getting the hang of it, and feel how sales affect your profits! This is actually a very common thing that happens among sellers who are legitimately selling their products and enjoying their selling lives! However, sometimes these sellers think that having one selling account is not enough! This is when Amazon sellers open their second (or maybe third) account on Amazon, not even realizing what awaits them in the near future!…
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Amazon Policies Sellers Should Know About

To become a better seller on Amazon, you need to know everything about Amazon Policies. Once you know how a company works and what it expects, you can plan your actions according to its needs. We need to say that Amazon has a capricious and quite impulsive nature when it comes to sellers. Why? Because there’s nothing more important than customers’ feelings and their shopping experience on Amazon. If something is done in a wrong or unlawful way, Amazon will…
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Amazon Customer Product Reviews and How They Affect Your Account

We always talk about Amazon account suspensions because you know, we are a reinstating service and we want to help! At Got Suspended Clients we think that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” because of which we spare no effort to show you the Amazon reality from an objective perspective! Today we will speak about product reviews! Do you know they are so important? Because they increase sellers’ reputation and image, show that Amazon is a transparent and…
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F.E.A.R.S. – Amazon Account Suspended!

Face Everything and Rise!!! Fears, everybody has them, and if you do not fight against your fears on time, they risk becoming your limits. Keep in mind that what you want is on the other side of your fear. So, why do you let them limit your opportunities of becoming a successful person in any sphere of your life? The same goes for selling on Amazon. Unfortunately, there are lots of sellers who want to start their business on Amazon,…
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Communication Guidelines Reduce the Risk of Amazon Suspensions!

Every Amazon seller knows how difficult it is to operate a business on Amazon, especially when it comes to suspensions. This is the reason every seller on Amazon should be educated enough in order to meet Amazon’s standards and operate a money-making business! There are many things that you should know about Amazon, starting from its policies and ending with its guidelines. Amazon’s communication guidelines are also one of those things that you need to follow! They play a pivotal…
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