There are more and more sellers on Amazon that choose online arbitrage as their main business model. This has become a massive trend because of its simplicity, and of course, because Amazon allows its sellers to use it.

But let us tell you something, it’s forbidden, off the record, and Amazon will never tell you that. In the pursuit of suspending accounts, Amazon targets sellers who are using especially this business model, so as you can presume, online arbitrage is an unofficial forbidden fruit on Amazon.


Why Amazon Wants to Verify My Supply Chain?


Can you imagine how Amazon thinks? If no, let us help you with that! Its strategy and all of its steps are aimed at providing the best customer service, so it is totally fine that Amazon wants to verify your supply chain, see your invoices and understand whether you’re selling authentic products or not.

Every experience makes you grow, and Amazon has felt it firsthand. There are numerous sellers who just list counterfeits, thereby harming Amazon’s customer-orientated strategy, so Amazon has no choice! But why on earth Amazon hates online arbitrage sellers?


Why Online Arbitrage?


As you already know, Amazon wants to see your invoices – business-related documents that specify and show all the details of transaction between a customer and a seller, in this case, between you and a random source of products.

In case of online arbitrage, there’s a huge problem, which cannot be solved without changing your business model. If you’re an online arbitrage seller, you have nothing but retail receipts, which are not working on Amazon anymore.

Let’s think logically, and not get mad at Amazon. Without invoices, Amazon won’t be able to verify the authenticity of your products, which will put it at risk of losing customers, and of course, their trust. Receipts won’t give Amazon the guarantee that the products you’re selling are genuine and valid, even though they are.  Amazon wants to see a real contact between you and a certain supplier, or you and a brand (which is way better, by the way).

Good old days have been cut short, so now, receipts won’t work, and Amazon will send you a generic email stating that they need more information!


Funds Withdrawal


Amazon sellers are struggling, because their funds are held on this platform, and no one knows when they will come back. Usually, Amazon gives your money back only after approving your appeal and reinstating your account.


In some cases, when Amazon decides to block your seller account and forget you for the rest of its life, funds will be automatically released and sent to your bank account. In general, according to Amazon, funds will be released only when platform refuses to reinstate your account. If your appeal was rejected, theoretically funds will be released after 60 days, but that’s just a ballpark figure! You’ll have to wait more, if Amazon wants you to wait!

Be patient, and you will reinstate your account. If you’re having problems, contact our appeal service and we will help you get your account and money back within a short period of time.


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