Intellectual Property Suspension: All Questions Answered

An Intellectual Property Suspension is such a pain in the neck, because it includes Amazon inner regulations and the well-known, scary laws which can easily take you to court. But don’t panic, no one summons you to court; just read this manual and operate your business without having trouble with the law.

This suspension usually happens when a brand notices a seller who infringes their Intellectual Property rights. Obviously, the brand will report that seller by notifying Amazon about the issue, whose Seller Performance Team will in turn suspend your account, and make you write an appeal letter.

If you have been suspended by Amazon because of Intellectual Property complaints on your account, you should take some measures which will bring you one step closer to Amazon account reinstatement.

  1. Every suspension has a reason, and you are the one who should figure it out, not Amazon, because they already know. Amazon won’t give you the exact reason for your suspension, so do your own investigation and figure it out. Our Got Suspended? team is extremely talented at doing this!
  2. When you find the root cause of your suspension, it’s the perfect time to contact the brand that filed an IP complaint. It’s better to do this with the help of a legal attorney, because you’re dealing with law, and it’s not one of the easiest walks in the park!
    TIP: If the brand doesn’t respond even if you try reaching them via Skype, email or phone, it probably means that there is something fishy going on. In any case, show Amazon that you have worked really hard on this; it also matters.
  3. When the brand withdraws its complaint, or doesn’t respond at all, start drafting your first appeal letter. Show Amazon that you are fully aware of your suspension and its details, that you contacted the brand, negotiated with them, and tried to withdraw the complaint.
  4. Make sure Amazon sees all the steps that you’ve taken so far, because it wants to see, and even feel how you redeem yourself. It’s just a weird thing Amazon has…
  5. And of course, thoroughly describe the measures  that will help you, as an Amazon seller, avoid a suspended Amazon seller account.