The Dangers of Selling Unauthorized Brands on Amazon

Amazon is a merciless world where sellers are ready to rip and throw in order to attract the attention of more customers. However, during this process, sellers make crucial mistakes that may become reasons for different issues such as Amazon suspensions. One of the most common problems that you can face when you are selling on Amazon is selling unauthorized brands’ products through your seller account. That’s because it may become a reason for both an inauthentic and an Intellectual…
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3 Reasons Why Amazon Isn’t For Every E-Commerce Brand

As the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says “a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”  This is something to consider before and after starting your brand: if you know in which direction you’re moving, you will find success! And what is more, if you know the secret of fighting against an Amazon suspension, you will be guaranteed!    So let’s make this clear: you have…
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amazon listing hijackingNews

Amazon Listing Hijacking: Let’s Defend Your Listings Together!

“Amazon is the best marketplace ever,” “Amazon changed my life,” “There are no drawbacks when it comes to Amazon.” Have you ever heard something like this? If yes, you have either talked to a person who has never faced the harsh reality, or they just lied to you. The reality of Amazon is completely different. Yes, the customer-base is huge, you can have many sales and get more money, but at what cost? Suspensions, toxic competition and sellers who are…
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How to Open an Amazon Seller Account and the Risks that Come With It

Have you finally decided to create an Amazon Seller Account? Do you have questions about Amazon that need answers? Excited to start selling on Amazon and becoming successful, but don't know where to start? No worries! We're here to help you out! In this Got Suspended Clients article, we are going to walk you through the process of setting up an Amazon seller account, what risks it has, and talk about a couple of questions, which you might have buzzing…
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Amazon Inauthentic SuspensionNews

What You Should Know About an Amazon Inauthentic Suspension in 2021

As a rule, every FBA seller knows that an Amazon inauthentic suspension is one of the most common and most encountered types of Amazon suspensions. That’s because both buyers and brands do not stop complaining that items are low quality or just do not meet the described criteria. As a result, a seller’s account gets suspended for an inauthentic violation. In order to protect our readers from inauthentic issues, Got Suspended Clients are going to tell you the main aspects…
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The Importance of Being Educated!

We don’t really know how, but Amazon wonderfully combines two contradicting options by providing you with an opportunity to successfully run your business on its platform, and fight against counterfeit sellers at the same time. Unfortunately, it is true! If you decide to launch your business on this platform, you should be ready that you are going to meet a huge number of counterfeit issues. Therefore, it is important to be aware of several tips in order to solve any…
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When You Have to Work in Limited Terms!

Recently, we have received lots of messages from our clients stating about their account’s suspension due to the Sales Velocity Limits violation. There are many Amazon sellers who face both listing and account suspensions due to this issue. Apparently, the are no serious reasons behind this issue; however, Sales Velocity suspensions are gaining more popularity day by day, in a bad kind of way. In order to protect our customers, we at Got Suspended Clients have collected several important facts,…
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They Stole Your Gifts, We Give Them Back!

Christmas is something special and magical. This is a period when we lose our minds, spend time with our loved ones, receive gifts, and give smiles. This is a period to relax, enjoy your life and appreciate all the beautiful aspects of our lives. What’s more important, Christmas is a good way to earn a fortune, especially for sellers of Amazon. We even have an article about that! If you were one of those sellers who made the best out…
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Learning How to Handle Returns with Got Suspended Clients!

Returns, the word which can turn any Amazon seller’s life into a real nightmare! Especially if you are an FBM seller, which means that you have to handle the entire process of returns by yourself. This issue is especially common after the holiday period, since hundreds of sellers are rushing to return presents which they do not like for one reason or another. And you, as a fair seller, have to abide by all your customers’ wishes in order to…
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Amazon Account VerificationNews

Amazon Account Verification – A Guide for FBA Sellers

Recently, Amazon announced that new FBA sellers must go through the expedited verification process before starting to sell on its platform. Therefore, Got Suspended Client’s team has decided to provide its customers with this blog, which talks about the main requirements that Amazon needs in order to complete this process. The main goal of Amazon Seller Identity Verification is to understand whether you are the real owner of your seller account, or maybe there are several issues with your Amazon…
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